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Although not many know about, the village of Corçà has its interesting history and its special corners. Through this tour you will discover part of the past of this medieval village.

Where are the remains of the fortified village?

Why there is a Scottish sign from the 19th C. in one of the houses?

A train station in one of the streets?

Plaça del Rebot (bounce back). Isn’t it a curious name for a square?

The walking tour takes about 1 hour and apart from the answer to these questions, you will be able to discover some curiosities about the village architecture as well as some local figures that lived here in the past.

Visits started in the year 2008
Duration: approx. 90 minutes
Topics: Medieval, rural history



La Bisbal d'Empordà

For more information:  nik@nikduserm.com

Tot i que no és gaire conegut, el poble de Corçà conserva un centre històric ben conservat amb interessants restes del seu passat. 

On es troben les restes del recinte fortificat?

És cert que encara es conserva l’antiga estació de tren?

Perquè hi ha una plaça amb el curiós nom del Rebot?

La visita guiada dura una hora aproximadament, i apart de la resposta a aquestes preguntes podreu descobrir algunes curiositats i l’historia de personatges locals.

Inici de les visites any 2008
Duratció: aprox. 90 minuts
Temàtica: medieval, rural, historia contemporania


La Bisbal d'Empordà

Per a més informació: nik@nikduserm.com

Aunque no muy conocido, el pueblo de Corçà conserva un centro histórico en buen estado con interesantes edificios.

¿Donde se encuentran los restos del recinto amurallado?

¿Es cierto que todavía existe la antigua estación de tren?

¿Porque existe una plaza con el curioso nombre de el Rebote?

La visita guiada dura una hora aproximadamente y aparte de la respuesta a estas preguntas podréis descubrir algunas curiosidades de su arquitectura popular así como algunos personajes celebres del siglo pasado.

Inicio de las visitas año 2008
Duración: aprox. 90 minutos
Temáticas: medieval, rural, historia contemporanea 


La Bisbal d'Empordà

Para más información: nik@nikduserm.com

1 comment:

nik said...

... but I love the “little history” of my local area – Baix Empordà in the north of Catalunya. I have lived here for six and a half years and almost every day I find something of interest that I previously had no idea about.

Recently, I joined a U3A Costa Brava group on a tour of two small villages, Corçà and Monells, which are located between the coast and the lovely medieval city of Girona. Our guide was the excellent Nik Duserm, who always brings life to places that on the surface seem to have been asleep for centuries.

This tour was no different as we wandered the ancient streets of Corçà, which is set back from the main road and which most people pass without a second thought. I have actually been there a few times as there is an excellent butcher hidden in one of the streets who makes wonderful local sausages!
On our visit, we discovered the remains of the original defensive walls of this small enclave, and ancient houses with symbols above the door identifying the trade of the person who lived there – rather like in Pompeii or Ephesus where, in Roman times, trades were marked in doorways....

From Sally Veall's article "Ancient streets uncovered"