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Dalís Museum / Museu Dalí

Guided tour of the Theatre Museum-Dalí in Figueres
To understand the museum many explanations are needed. The museum itself is a huge piece of art, which helps us to follow Dali’s live, including plenty of anecdotes related to the artist.
Possibility to include the Jewels Museum (20 minutes)

Visits started in the year 1996 (More than 1000 already)
Duration: 2:20 hours
Topics: Dali’s live, art

Booked in advanced recommended
If you arrive by train we can meet you at the station, either the railway station or the High Speed Train (AVE) station at the outskirts of the city.
Most recommended in winter to avoid tourist crowds


Approximate opening times:

Winter - November December January February: 10:30 to 5pm
Spring - March May June: 9:30am to 5pm
Summer - July August September 9am to 7pm
Fall – October: 9:30am to 5pm
Closed on Mondays from 1st October to 31st May

Entrance fee 15 € per person (11€ groups from 25 people)
Groups from 1 to 20 people

Updated July 2019

Visita guiada al Teatre-Museu-Dalí.
Per a entendre el museu calen moltes explicacions. El museu és en si una gran obra d’art, a través d’ell coneixerem la vida d’en Dalí així com anècdotes relacionades amb l’artista.
Inclou reserva al museu i la possibilitat de visitar el Museu de les Joies (30 minuts)

Inici de les visites: Any 1996 (més de 1.000)
Durada: dues hores quinze minuts
Temàtiques: Art, Dalí

Nota: Es recomana reservar amb certa antelació.

Més informació: nik@nikduserm.com 

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Visita guiada al Teatro Museo-Dalí
Para entender el museo son necesarias muchas explicaciones. El museo es en sí una gran obra de arte, a través de la cual conoceremos la vida de Dalí así como anécdotas relacionadas con el artista.
Incluye la reserva al museo y la posibilidad de visitar el Museo de las Joyas (30 minutos).

Inicio de las visitas: Año 1996 (más de 1.000)
Duración: 2 horas y 15 minutos
Temáticas: Arte, Salvador Dalí

Se recomienda reserva con suficiente antelación.

Más información: nik@nikduserm.com

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Anonymous said...

Dear Nik, just a line to let you know what a terrific day we had in the museum thanks to you. Regards Trudy (CANADA)

Hedva said...

Dear Nik,

Thank you so much for thinking of us and passing on the information. It is very interesting.

Our trip to Catalunia was fantastic, and the 2 days spent with you were a major reason. You made history come alive - from the Middle Ages to more recent times - your depth of knowledge amazed us. We have learned so much and had fun doing it.
Keith says that he has a whole new perspective on Dali (so do I), that would not have happened without you.

Hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer. Thanks again.

Best Regards,


Betty-Anne said...

So great to hear from you Nik and thanks for enlightening me about Dali's art. I could tell from spending time with you that you love your work and really are operating from your "Effortless Energy". BA

David said...

Hi Nik,

Thank you so much for today, as you know everybody really appreciated your tour of the Dali museum.



Sally said...


Thank you for such an interesting visit to the Dali museum yesterday. I really learnt so much from you, as always.

Please keep in touch, I welcome all your comments.

best regards,

nik said...

"So, 40 of us made our way to the town of Figueres to once again enter the Dali shrine, but this time we had our excellent guide, Nik Duserm, who has in the past treated us to wonderfully personal guided tours in our beautiful and fascinating region of Catalonia.
Surrealist art has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. On this occasion, thanks to Nik, my eyes were opened to a small part of Dali’s work, pictures inside pictures, the meaning of recurring images such as the fly and the amazing “sculpture” at the entrance of the Theatre,...."

From Sally's article "Discovering Salvador Dalí"

Dominique said...

Hola Nik

acaba de irse mi amiga Marta, y quiero agradecerte el habernos recibido en Figueras. Ella quedó fascinada con la ciudad.
Muy interesantes las explicaciones sobre la obra de este excéntrico artista, que dará que hablar por muchos años!
Y muy grata tu compañía, como siempre.

Un fuerte abrazo


Dominique said...

Hola Nik

los Tenenzapf me han escrito esto:

Elana and I enjoyed both of our tours
Nik did an excellent job
In retrospect, we would have preferred to spend even more time at the Dali Museum!!

Dominique said...

Hi Dominique,
Gavin and I want to thank you for arranging an amazing day. Nik was fantastic and his knowledge was great and broad and we had a terrific day with him
Take care,

Gail Ford (Australia) said...

Forgot to mention in my earlier Email that I met a friend the other day who had done the Spanish trip who happened to say that since doing the tour of the Dali Museum with you she has changed her attitude completely about his work - and seeks it out. Of all the galleries etc. we went to, she said that was the excursion, and you were the guide which she remembered most, especially your explanations. Thought I’d pass that on.

Lana said...

Hi Nik,

Thank you so much for a very informative & entertaining visit to the Dali Museum. We would have missed so much without your expertise!

Lana Dorfman

Nick Law said...

Dear Nik,

A short note to say what a pleasure it was to meet you and how much I enjoyed the tour you gave our group.

With best wishes,

Nick Law


"However, there are no audio guides and so it's easy to miss hidden things. I was very lucky to be standing near a group that had hired an outstanding English guide.

I eavesdropped now and then and the museum, Dali, and his wife Gala came alive for me. It also helped make sense at the Dali house in Cadaques the next day. I wish I had hired Nik Duserm, the guide, myself."

From Tripadvisor