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La Bisbal d'Empordà

Guided tour of the town of La Bisbal d’Empordà
Stories including its mediaeval past and some more recent anecdotes, as well as the importance of La Bisbal as the main market since 14th C.
Includes the visit of the Baroque church of the Piety, depending on the availability
A visit to the castle-palace from the 11th-12th C. can be also included (approx. 1 hour)

Visits started in the year 1999 (More than 400 already)
Duration: 1 to 3 hours
Topics: Medieval, Modern history, the Peninsular War,…

Send us a mail: nik@nikduserm.com 


Visita guiada a La Bisbal d’Empordà.
Histories que inclouen el passat medieval de la població així com anècdotes de episodis més actuals i la importància de La Bisbal com a mercat principal des del s. XIV.
Inclou visita a l’església barroca de La Pietat (segons disponibilitat).
Es pot incloure la visita a l’interior del castell-palau  s. XI-XII (1 hora aprox.)

Inici de les visites: 1999 (més de 400)
Durada: 1 a 3  hores
Temàtiques: Medieval, historia moderna, Guerra del Francès,..

Més informació: nik@nikduserm.com 


Visita guiada a La Bisbal d’Empordà
Historias que incluyen el pasado medieval así como anécdotas de episodios más actuales y la importancia de La Bisbal como mercado principal de la zona desde el s. XIV.
Incluye visita la iglesia barroca de la Piedad (según la disponibilidad). 
Se puede incluir la visita al interior del castillo-palacio s. XI-XII (1 hora aprox.)

Inicio de las visitas: 1999 (más de 400)
Duración: 1 a 3 horas
Temáticas: Medieval, historia moderna, Guerra Peninsular,..

Más información: nik@nikduserm.com

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Lyn said...

Hi Nik,
Many thanks for a brilliant insight into La Bisbals history.
It was an eye opener as we normally go there only with the market in mind.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Keep thinking on a pottery experience and let me know what you come up with.
It seems a shame that living near such a fabulous pottery industry we can't
see for ourselves how it is done.
Thanks once again. Be in touch.
Regards Lyn

Anne Rushby said...

Dear Nik,

Thank you again for the tour around La Bisbal, I thought it was great!

Best Wishes,

Anne Rushby

Trevor Rushby said...

Dear Nic,

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your tour of La Bisbal the day before yesterday and judging by their comments, so did everybody else in the group. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Trevor Rushby

Irene Knight-Wearon said...

Dear Nic, Thank you for a very good and informing trip around La Bisbal. I've never been there with out going round the pottery shops, a nice pleasant change.
Look forward to hearing from you. Knid regards Irene Knight-Wearon

nik said...

From U3A Association 2010 Report:

....October saw Lyn & John Mather arrange a guided tour of La Bisbal, a repeat of an earlier visit with the same guide Nik Duserm, who managed to make the tour quite different from the previous one....

Sally said...

Hi Nik,

Geoff & Cindy told me you are one of the best guides they have come across - praise indeed, as they travel a lot all over the world.

Hasta pronto,