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The new town of Poble Nou in Llers 1941-1963 (ENG)

The construction of the new village Poble Nou began in 1941 and was finished 22 years later in 1963 the cost was more than nine million pesetas. This amount was spent on the new parish church and its dependencies, a school, three households for the teachers, 12 houses in the main square with a floor for shops and 45 houses Catalan farm of middle size. The original total of planned houses was never accomplished and the church that originally had to be in centre of the town was almost at the outside. The initial budget was finish before the project got to the end. A few months later the new town was inhabited, although some of the buildings began to deteriorate quickly with cracks in the walls and pavement.

The new parish church of Sant Julià that was built few months after the Spanish Civil War was finished by the new state institution “De Regiones Devastadas (Of Devastated Regions) began to show deterioration signals also and the religious services had to stop being celebrated in their interior, since the ceiling of the main nave threatened collapsing at any time. While the repairs of the church were in progress, a new building was conditioned for the services. These repairs cost another million pesetas to share between the Spanish State and the Bishopric.

Near the Poble Nou is the cemetery in which the rest of the bodies from the old cemetery were buried. Most of the bodies blow out of their tombs when the old church was exploded at the last days of the Spanish Civil War in 1939.

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